Dec 11, 2018

Smart Scheduling. The Future Made Easy

Smart Scheduling

WebTRIM is the leader in collision repair management and concentrates on improving the performance of your business. Using the data from your estimation program, detailed labour task costings, parts and panel costs, WebTRIM provides accurate and detailed measurement of all your business tasks and functions. From task management & time recording to advanced target setting, business reporting and payroll functions, implementing WebTRIM will increase your business effectiveness and profitability.

For twenty years WebTRIM has been working with some of the largest and most advanced collision repair businesses to continuously develop technology for collision repairers. We have clients that specialise in all aspects of the collision repair industry: rapid, high end, truck, heavy, hail or general repairs. From a single shop to a chain, WebTRIM is right for your business.

MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT – Workshop planning is about to change forever! Smart Scheduling is available now! Intelligent technology will monitor all jobs, onsite or booked and produce a continually evolving schedule to achieve your due out dates automatically. The automation of this process will improve point to point times and productivity, meaning you’ll have the right worker and the right equipment available.

Smart Scheduling does all of this for you by scheduling repair dates for new jobs and allocating onsite jobs to employees and bays at specific times. Workshop limitations, such as paint booths, jigs or measurement systems are included in the schedule so that your employees are kept busy and productive. This will revolutionise your workflow, require phenomenally less input from your workshop manager and improve customer satisfaction so you can spend more time managing your business, not allocating jobs to your staff.

WebTRIM uses the quoted revenue and the actual tasks that take place to automatically calculate the revenue and cost of each task and job. Accurate reports highlight the profitability of each worker, estimator, assessor, insurer, vehicle make and model, over a given time period or on a single job basis. When everyone knows what to work on and you can see the profitability of each job, your understanding of how your business operates will guide you to make the changes needed to prosper.

WebTRIM is available to run on your server or in the cloud and is automatically integrated with all major quote and estimation packages. Additional tools include online backups, performance metrics and industry average comparisons.